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Doamna comisar european Reding o mare glumeaţă!?

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Doamna comisar european Reding o mare glumeaţă!?

Mesajde Nica Leon » Lun Dec 10, 2012 1:42 pm

Madam Commissioner Viviane Reding,

I am Leon Nica, the one that had the courage to stand up against the murderer communist Nicolae Ceausescu and break up his manifestation which had taken place in Bucharest on 21 December 1989 and after that I started and leaded to victory the Romanian Anti-Communist Revolution with the same date. Towards the end of the Revolution I was arrested, jailed, tortured and send to a military base to be executed only because in Romania there is a believe that ‘’ no good deed must remain unpunished’’
In July I saw you on television when you stated that Romania is a “true law state”. I took your statement as a very good joke and I will propose at the Romanian Comedy Newspapers to grand you the First place for the Best Joke of The Year and the people who made J.I.A. reports to be nominated in the second place.
This is the reason I am asking if you would consider beneficial to be included in this top? Next to you will be Mr. Barroso, President of European Commission who stated the same joke (lie) as you did.
In the situation in which you will became aware of how ridicule this situation is, the unjust of your declaration and you would want to find out the truth, I am able to prove to you anytime that Romania never became a true law state and is still a totalitarian state, the way it used to be in times of sad memory.
I wish you all the best and I hope that you will try to widen your perspective and won’t limit yourself to the untruthful reports J.I.A. and M.C.V.
Leon Nica 12/10/2012
Political persecuted.
Nica Leon
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