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Pentru dl. Markus Ferber membru al Parlamentului U.E.

Mesajde Nica Leon » Vin Iul 21, 2006 7:07 pm

To His Exellency
Mr. Markus Ferber – leader of the Bavarian Social – Christians

I congratulate you for the position your Excellency expressed publicly regarding the situations in Romania.
I consider you one of the few European politicians who has succeeded in understanding the dimensions of the disaster caused by the communist mentality, by larceny and by the complicity existing at all the levels of the Romanian state.
Up to you, almost everybody closed their eyes pretended not to see or understand the gravity of the catastrophic situations, Romania was brought to after the overthrow of the dictatorial regime owing to the groups leading the country consisting of communists ignoring every democratic norm, the state low, morals and common sense.
Because of the public reaction of same important representatives of Romania who, immediately after you had publicly declared your skepticism regarding the progress of the Romanian state in obeying the lows and the assumed obligations, contradicted the truths you had formulated in your criticism, saying that you have no evidence to support your critical assertions, considering your doubt regarding Romania’s adherence to European Union as unjustified in this period.
I am sending you this letter in which you will find same firm evidence that no Romanian representative can contest, evidence which can persuade any serious, responsible man who doesn’t want to be deceived or manipulated by the conditions of join E.U. in 2007 which you will be able to use to justify in front of those contradicting you in connection with the disastrous situation of Romania.
In order to convince you of the rightness of what follows, please let me introduce myself in a few sentence. You will find more details on the Internet by writing my name Nica Leon or Leon Nica or at www. in January and February.
I inform you that I am the one who write numerous letters for ten years during the communist dictatorship against the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu – letters alloys containg my name and address, same of them being published in Western newspapers before 1989.
On the 21st of December 1989 I was the one who brake the meeting of the dictator N. Ceausescu and it was for the first time during the communist regime when a Romanian man shutting anticommunist slogans at a meeting organized by communist regime. In this way I started the Revolutions in Bucharest, organizing and urging the young people to revolt – to make the overthrow of the communist regime possible.
Because of my actions and because I had been against Ion Iliescu – a notorious communist who wonted the power I was arrested in the headquarters of the Central Committee of Communist Romanian Party, during the revolutions on the 24th of December 1989 and sent to a military fortes to be shot under the accusations of being the first terrorist of the country. I menaged to escape on the 30th of December 1989, but till now none of those who abusively deprived me of liberty has been interrogated or condemned – but promoted in high positions insprte of my complainings to the competent organs.
Because of my anticommunist attitude when I took the floor in C.P.U.N. (the Parliament organized after the Revolution) and because I denounced Ion Iliescu to the General Prosecution’s office as being guilty of killing the young revolutionaries in the slaughter ordered directly by himself immediately after N.Ceausescu had been arrested, because of his great thirst or power with the price of 1.300 dead people and more then 4.000 injured not to mention the important material damage caused by the armed fights that followed.
Immediately after he appointed himself President of the Temporary Government Ion Iliescu did all his best to present the finding out of the truth opposing to the beginning of the investigations regarding the guilty persons who killed the young revolutionaries at the dictator N.Ceausescu’s order on the 16th of December 1989 and at his own orders in the afternoon of the 22nd of December 1989.
In order to show his hatred and contempt to the Romanian people and oppose the righteous claims of the new generations longing for democracy after he had become president of the country and as a consequence of the atrocities in the violent campaign of elections followed by fraud on the 20th of May 1990, Ion Iliescu ordered the security forces disguised as miners to kill me. Having failed on the 14th of June 1990 I was arrested without any legal reason and imprisoned and tortured in the former jail of the Security (Securitate) in Calea Rahovei (Rahova street) – and set free after two months thanks of the intervention of the U.S.A. president Mr. George Bush and of the British prime-minister Margaret Thatcher and of same representative of the British Parliament who had known me as I had been invited to London in March 1990 as an opponent of the communist regime and as a promotor of the democratic reforms, as a fighter for liberty and creator and leader of the Free Democratic Party.
As I wanted in Romania Constitution and Low to be supreme and obligatory even for the ruling class I kept on writing reports, articles, letters and and notifications in which I showed the unlawful acts, the thefts from the public property, the violation of the human rights, of the international obligations and treats, frequently and systematically performed by those leading the country after the revolution.
In order not waste too much of your time I shall mentioned same of the facts signaled and notified by me:
1. I asked that no former communist activist should have the right of a high position in the state;
2. I asked that all the guilty people who killed the Romanian citizens before, during and after the revolution of 1989 to be interrogated and brought to justice;
3. I asked that all the policeman’s, prosecutors and judges who, during the communist dictatorship sentenced to death Romanian citizens only for their opinions and because they had been against the communist dictatorship to be interrogated and brought to justice;
4. I asked that all the psychiatrist who had put in the special hospitals all those who had criticized Ceausescu – in order to punish them to be interrogated and condemned;
5. I asked that all the properties confiscated by the communists to be given back to the former owners and all the victims of the abuses and atrocities in the communist regime to be compensated;
6. I asked that all the goods of the Catholic and of the Greek Catholic Church to be given back;
7. I asked that all the landless peasants to be given properties and all the houses belonging to the state to be given to the tenants;
8. I asked that all the riches of the ex communist leaders accumulated through theft, traffic of influence crime or power abuse to be confiscated;
9. At Romania’s General Prosecutor’s Office I registered penal complaints against the president of Romania Ion Iliescu, culpable for the crimes against humanity, the encouragement of corruption as well as for blocking the state institutions responsible to inquire and fight against corruption, traffic of influence, favoring the delinquents, abuse of power and committing illegal things;
10. I made up and spread a governing program which, if had applied today Romania would have been a democratic country and a state of low with a prosperous economy;
11. I organized meetings and protest marches in Bucharest to oppose the flagrant violations of the human rights;
12. I sued the Government of Romania for disobeying the positions of the articles No. 47 and 51 of the Constitution.

Due to my activity and because Mr. Ion Iliescu considered me to be much too dangerous, a real enemy of his and of the communists ruling the country he gave orders to the repressive institutions of the state to follow and persecute me in order to prevent me by all means to express my self freely, being submitted to the following persecutions:

1. As I had been elected president of the Free Democratic Party – whose members were young anticommunist participating to the revolution, after midnight bullets shot at the windows of my daughter’s bedroom and the police did nothing to find out the author;
2. In order to prevent me from being a member of the Parliament of Romania, with only a few days before the 20th May 1990 election campaign started, Mr. Ion Iliescu and his acolytes had ordered that a new party to be created – the Young Free Democratic Party – and the votes of those who had elected me to be given to the new party which profited by my votes and by the votes of the party I represented – and in this way they became M.P’s and we - the real fighters – did not;
3. All the tyres of my car were cut with a knife at night – for about 15 times, my spare wheels and my tools kit were stolen 6 times. Once, at night a lorry ran over my parked car and once my windscreen was broken with a hammer. The Police, although informed, did nothing;
4. The headquarters of the Free Democratic Party were broken into at night, several times a lot of things and values being stolen. The Police were many times accomplice to those thefts but insprte of my informing them about the events no investigations have taken place
5. As the young people interested in doing politics had no money and the activity of a party requires important funds I started some business in order to ensure the money necessary to my family and to the party. Because I didn’t stop criticizing Mr. Ion Iliescu – the president of Romania my business was attentively studied by the institutions of the state which abusively decided to destroy it, destroying my crops of cereals and sterling the machinery and tools of my 500 ha. Agricultural farm and many other things and values. Because the Romanian justice was an accomplice – hushing up those cases I sued the Romanian State at H.R.E.C.
6. In 1996 the Free Democratic Party was abusively prevented from participating to the general election motivating that I hadn’t registered the party once again –but it had been legally created in 1990 and had been legally registered at No. 25 in the unique register of the parties. I contested this abuse but the Romanian justice refused to solve the cause correctly – a motive for which I sued the Romanian state at the H.R.E.C and I looking forward to a correct solution.
7. In 1998 I was not allowed to run for the General Mayor of Bucharest in the election race although I had fulfilled all the legal conditions. I informed the Justice but no right was done and I am waiting for a correct solution given by H.R.E.C.;
8. Controlled by the state the press started a furious campaign of denigration against me. I was insulted and calumniated in many newspapers. Instead of being presented as I really was – a just man who had fight against communism they wrote in the newspapers that I was Ceausescu’s nephew, a securitate officer, a militia man, a legionary as well as many lies in order to defame me in front of the Romanian people, in order that my words, my accusations and calls not to be listened to;
9. At 7 o’clock A.M. on the 7th of March 2001 the headquarters of the Free Democratic Party – in centre of Bucharest – a4 storied building were occupied by impressing police forces, masked, armed with machineguns, pistols and fierce dogs who after breaking the entrance door occupied the building and stole all the document, goods and values belonging us and to another our firm which had the legal declared headquarters in the same building. All this illegal enterprise was done with the agreement and at the order of the president of Romania – Mr. Ion Iliescu, and of the prime minister – Mr. Adrian Nastase, helped by the minister of Internal Affairs – Mr. Ioan Rus. Our complaints haven’t been answered till today and the guilty ones are still benefiting by the goods stolen from us.

I admired you when you said that Romania is not a state of low and we don’t respect either the low or the international obligations we have assumed.
I regret but your observations are absolutely true.
If the leaders of Europe, the members of the European Parliament knew in delail the real dimensions of the crimes, thefts, bank robberies, the unjustice and the humiliations the Romanian people was submitted to, the damage caused as a consequence of the politics practised by the new communists leading the country for 15 years guilty of all these abuses, by infringing lows, Constitution, international treats, I am sure that nobody in the West would now support Romania’s adherence to the European Union.
Mr. Olli Rehn said when he was in Bucharest that Romania must demonstrate the respect for the low.
Does he know that many of the lows in Romania are not constitutional, that same o them are imposed just to facilitate corruption and theft and others to legalise this penal acts which would be condemns by any democratic state of low:
1. None of those who ordered to killing of the innocent citizens both during the communist dictatorship and during the Revolution of 1989 and when the miners come was inquired or condemned, all the guilty ones being promoted in high positions even today in important institutions of the state;
2. Although I was arrested twice – in 1990 – at first for 6 days and then for more than 2 months, none of my petitions against those who had arrested me abusively being promoted – some of them having high – well paid functions;
3. The Constitution of Romania is not respected and the low is used only when it serves the momentary interests of the rulers or just for their protection and money making;
4. The Human Rights and the European Conventions are constantly and systematically infringed Justice has been reduced to a mere clerks activity alloys obedient in front of the powerful ones who bribed the magistrates by offering them preferential credits with very low interests (10 – 15%) – the money being deposited often in the same bank – with 153% interests. Many magistrates, when the term had expired look both the deposit and the interest and never paid the initial credit back and the authorities closed their eyes in order to have them at the magistrates have numerous non constitutional privileges: they have special houses for holidays or rest paid with public money having a closed circuit, only for themselves. They have houses received from the state at the very low prices which nowadays worth a fortune, they have very high salaries – in comparison with the other people – the minimum monthly income for a worker is 3.100.000 lei – a beginner physician after 6 years of studies gets 3.500.000 lei monthly and a beginner magistrate after only 4 years of studies gets 64.000.000 lei – and a president of o inferior court gets whit any responsibilities getting over 126.000.000 lei monthly. In spite of their high salaries the judges are not submitted to any control of the quality and lawfulness of their work – same of them have became members of network practising the traffic of influence, the legal decisions being only the result of important sums of black money without the risk of the professional deontology;
5. The new president of Romania – Mr. Traian Basescu said after the first poll of the general elections in 2004 that they had been fraud. Now when is a president nobody does anything to punish those who contributed to the falsification of the will of the voters and nobody verifies the Referendum for the adoption of the modifications in the Constitutions of Romania;
6. The European leaders speak about the struggle against corruption in Romania not knowing that this phenomenon was generated and mentained by persons from the leading structures of the state – public clerks, policemen, mayors, judges, prosecutors, bank menagers, ministers, prime-ministers, presidents of this country, all of them have guilty of the unprecedented dimension of this disgraceful and extremely harmful for the Romania state phenomenon;
7. In Romania it is not the corruption the greatest biggest evil but the communist mentality – guilty of the most dangerous disrespect of the low, of the democratic norms and of the interests of the country. The clan, gang and party interests are much superior to the promises and the pledges made to you by the representative of Romania whose intentions are only to deceive you once again believing that you are just credulous, naïve not experienced in their sophisticated methods and ways of infringements of the lows;
8. Although Romania was oppressed by communists, all the activists of this party accused of crimes against humanity, of terror, robberies, humiliations and the destruction of the destinies of tens of millions of people, are very well paid, have very good pensions, live a good life – at leisure – in luxurious houses confiscated from their real owners who were thrown in the streets immediately after the communists had over taken the power.
Not even today the owners and all those persecuted by the representatives of the red plague have not been compensated and neither had the so colled representatives of the original Romanian democracy the common sense to apologize for the pains, tortures, humiliations to which millions of innocent people were and are still submitted to.
Dear Mr. Markus Ferber I hope that having read these pages, in case they are useful to you, your colleagues will understand the real dimensions of the situation in Romania – a country where you can imagine what kind of life the ordinary people live submitted to unbelievable persecutions and humiliations if all the things shown above happened to me – a well known person.
I hope that your colleague as well as the representatives of the free democratic world will understand why I think that after the effort, the pains and my struggle for the freedom of the Romanian people it is time for you to prove that you realize what is really going on in the country for whose welfare and liberty I faced the repression’s of the communist system and its bullets for which reason I beg you to openly and firmly express yourself to oblige the immoral and illegitimate leaders of Romania to put into practice all the assumed obligations with the occasion of the negotiations regarding Romania’s adherence to E.U. to respect the Constitution and the constitutional lows of the country.
It depends on you now the great change Romania deserves should take place. Our people have proved many times the wish living in dignity and freedom in a state in which low, honor, justice and the human rights to be supreme values, guaranteed and respected.
Now you have the possibility to understand why Romania lacks real people men and the communist ghosts who robbed and destroyed the country impoverishing and humiliating the people will be triumphant if you allow yourself to be deceived again by accepting their representatives or accomplices to crime as your colleagues in the new structures of European Union.
If you don’t express the proper decision and if you close your eyes pretending not to see the terrible realities existing in the country which I was ready to sacrifice myself and if you agree to vote the Agreement of adherence of Romania on these terms it means that my struggle has been useless that all my suffering took place with the agreement of the representatives of the free democratic world whom I appreciated so much and by whom I connected all my dreams and hope in the hard times I lived and it also means that I deserve my fate being perfectly justified it be unemployed and useless to my country for which now needs fair, just people of character country for which I wasted my life and which is now dominated by the whims of the criminal shadows educated during the dictatorship of the red plague who enjoy the humiliation of their fellows, falsehood and infringement.
Today Romania is submitted to a clique mining democracy and the state of low ruling the country for 15 years as a consequence of the tricked elections, a rotten apple which – if in the same box with the apple of the European Union state will spoil them all if you are not vigilant, intransigent and just.

Yours faithfully,

Nica Leon

P.S. If you want me to present you incontestable evidence about what I have written you above I shall be at your disposal with official, undeniable documents.
I also mention that I speak Italian, French and English and my address is No. 5 Timpa str., bl. 3C, ap. 23, sector 2, Bucharest, and I can be contacted at + 4021.653 68 22 or mobile phone +40722 362 021, as well at my e-mail:
Nica Leon
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