Re : Hungarians in Romania --( END )--

>"For a better understanding of the Hungarian minority in Romania"
... I Hope is not true

>I would like to present a very interesting article of Prof. Liptak,
>with high ideatic density [!!!!], about the desastruous consequences 
>of the Trianon Treaty on the Hungarian people.
A high density indeed ...

>The 4th of June 1995 was the 75th anniversary of the Treaty of 
>Trianon, the peace treaty, which in 1920 mutilated and 
>dismembered an ancient Europeannation:  the kingdom of 
>Hungary.At Trianon Hungary was deprived [ !!!!] 
>63.6% of her inhabitants and 71.5% of her territory.
What about the others (non-hungarian ) ?

>Hungary gave asylum to the Ruthenians in the north, the 
>Wallachians (Romanians) and Saxons in the east, the Swabians

>For a thousand years, Hungary occupied an oval shaped central 
>plane surrounded by the protective bulwark of the Carpathian 

>This constitutional monarchy was almost completely annihilated 
>by the Mongol invasion of 1240-41,
>[...] In 1526 Hungary was once again annihilated, this time by the
>Turkish invasion,which cut her population in half and the kingdom 
>in three.[...] 
>During the 150 years of Ottoman occupation,[...]
>After the Turkish occupation, Austria attempted to take over all of
>Hungary. This resulted in a series of uprisings. The fight for 
>Hungarian independence of 1703-1711 [...] 
>The next fight for national independence was led by Louis Kossuth 
>in 1848,[...] 
> forced the Hapsburgs to accept in 1867 the formation of an 
>Austro-Hungarian duality. 
therefore :
>For a millennium, Hungary was the eastern bastion of European
>civilization, a balancing and stabilizing power between Slavic and 
>Germanic nations.
>Transylvania is also the place where the Hungarian diet at Torda, 
>in 1557, declared the freedom of religion for the first time 
>anywhere in the world.Transylvania provided an atmosphere of 
>religious and ethnic tolerance 
A very good joke ... !!!
>When he was voted down, Hungary occupied Serbia and by 1915 
>would have considered the war over

> President Wilson refused to cooperate in this conspiracy. He 
>wanted Europe's new borders to correspond with her ethnographic 
>[...]  On January 24, 1919, he protested the illegal Serb and 
>Romanian occupation of parts of Hungary 

>On the 4th of June, 1920, one of the cruelest treaties of human 
>history was signed. Never before had a peace, imposed by 
>violence, been more brutal

>[...] In the process, 35% of all Hungarians were turned into 
>foreigners within the towns built by their fathers, as the borders 
>were redrawn around them.
What about romanian peasents between the towns and the borders ?  

> From the fragments of Hungary, the unnatural successor states of
>Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and greater Romania were created. 
> These artificial entities ....

>These successor states were not only geographic monstrosities 
>[!!!!!] but also economic absurdities [!!!!!] and therefore their self-
>destruction was just a matterof time. [!!!!]As of this writing two of 
>the three successor states have already disintegrated.   
>Yet at Trianon the application of self- determination and the use of 
>plebiscites in drawing the new borders was totally disregarded. 
>[...]When the recommendations of one of the
>delegates to the Peace Conference, those of Field Marshall Ian 
>Smith, to hold plebiscites in Transylvania, Slovakia, Ruthenia, 
>Croatia and Slavonia were rejected
And Alba Iulia ?!

> As to the claim of being a  natural  German ally, history proves 
>just the opposite. 

>Because of the savage oppression, intimidation and coercion, [???]
>350,000 Hungarians decided to leave all their possessions behind

 >In 1948, 600 Hungarian Catholic priests and
>all six of their bishops were arrested in Transylvania.
  Hides the real context...    
>the Hungarian bishop, Lászlo Tokes, was temporarily heralded as 
>an all-Romanian national hero, for leading [??] the successful 
>revolution against Ceaucescu

>In addition to this cultural genocide taking place in Romania and

>One wonders if there is a limit to the patience of this, the largest
>minority in Europe, and what will happen when that limit is 

> It took some 75 years until it became clear that it is the
>legacy of Trianon which is destabilizing and  balkanizing  Central 
>Every nation's homeland is sacred. 
... ?!

> The principles of a permanent solution, must involve
>self-determination through plebiscites, autonomy for ethnic 
>minorities and a Danubian or Central European Federation as the 
>ultimate goal.

>      The United Nations should declare that all national minorities 
 anywhere in the world (exceeding some minimum number, say 
>100,000) have the right to hold UN supervised plebiscites and 
>receive cultural and linguistic autonomy,if the majority so desires.

>When the Hungarians enjoy the same autonomy in Romania as the 
>Romanian minorities in Hungary    

>It is the wrong goal for the Danubian nations to rush into NATO or 
>the European Community individually.

> A much better first goal is the
>establishment of an economically self-sufficient, politically stable,
>militarily neutral and geographically large enough federation, 
>which by itself is able to fill the power vacuum of the region.
>[...] What is needed, once the minority problems are solved 
>through autonomy,is to build a strong Danubian Federation, one 
>that can be crystallized around the nucleus of Hungary, Slovakia, 
>Ruthenia, Slovenia and Croatia, a Federation that later could 
>expand to include Romania, Yugoslavia or even
>Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria.

 > For the stability and prosperity of Central Europe, that plan 
>should start with autonomy forall the minorities and should end 
>with a voluntary federation.

>(The writer is a former Yale professor)
Pacat .

Ioan Rosca